Curlfriends in the City

One evening, I was scrolling through the Internet and I was inspired by a photoshoot of a group of beautiful women at the beach. They appeared to be having a great time, and I was inspired to do a shoot with women having fun too. I knew it had to be a special group of women to pull this off, and I wanted them to have awesome natural hair.


The young ladies I got together pulled off this shoot perfectly and I'm honored that they decided to let down their guards and have fun.


Fun fact: Our Curlfriends hadn't met until the day of the shoot?? Crazy chemistry right? 😍

Why Natural Hair? 

The Natural Hair phenomenon has taken over the beauty industry. Relaxer sales have tremendously dropped. More women are taking the plunge and doing the "big chop" to go completely natural.
Women all across the world are connecting because of their hair. As a matter of fact, I am often stopped on the street by women wanting to know my hair care routine. In addition, natural haired women have a carefree aura and are absolutely beautiful! 

Why the city?

I'm a city girl, and nothing says fun with my girls then a random shoot on one of Washington, DC's most famous neighborhoods. So, I wanted to capture the ever changing beauty of DC. 

What are Curlfriends?
The Curlfriends are superwomen. They are powerful women that have beauty, intellect, ravishing smiles and timeless beauty.
Curlfriends are also women who rock their natural curls or locs, and they connect with other curlies because they have similar things in common. 


They say when a woman cuts her hair she's transitioning to a better version of herself. If you're thinking of taking that step to rock your natural hair, use these women as inspiration that you CAN be beautiful sans relaxer or weave! 

In this shoot we have mothers, teachers, church administrators, models, a yoga instructor, and a photographer. With the vast background these women have, the most thing they have in common is owning their beauty. Yes, makeup was applied, but all of these women are comfortable in their skin sans makeup. 

The concept of this shoot was meant to encourage women to not be afraid to get glammed up, reach out to their friends, and have a fun day out. It was also done to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the norm!

I'm so excited to see my vision come to life and I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned this week for the introduction of our Curlfriends! 

Until next time...



Special Thank  to Melena of MShnell Photography for these perfect images!! @mshonellphoto

Models: Joy -IG @joymelanie
               Denise - IG @loccrush
               Kai Bean
               Catherine - IG @catherineamiller
               Adina - IG @blissculturephoto