Denyelle D. Beauty's Newly Natural Hair Seminar

This past August I decided to host my first Natural Hair Seminar. The idea came to me after receiving so many questions and comments about my hair. Any time I post pictures of myself online, I get a slew of questions from people asking what I use on my hair, how do I take care of my hair, what style was I wearing, etc. So I decided to host a FREE class to help women like me to understand their natural hair. I've been natural for almost 12 years and I've inspired so many women to wear their natural hair, I thought this was the perfect timing to share what I've learned during my journey. 


During this class I shared many tips and tricks of how I style my hair, what I use for my hair, and how I nourish my body to promote natural hair growth. I also sold some of my all natural homemade hair products that I use daily. 

we all use the butter, I even saw my husband use it on his bald head! lol
— Newly Natural attendee

I commisioned model, and great friend of mine Catherine to be my hair model and we had a blast playing around with different hairstyles. We also showed the participants hot to set their natural hair for bed.

I will be hosting another class in October, so be on the lookout for details!

Thanks to everyone for participating in my seminar and I'll see you again soon!! -D

Event Photography: MSD Photography