Bridal Beauty Trends: What's Hot -vs- What's Not

To kick off this "Beautifully Ever After"- Blog series, I've decided to touch on the importance of following the right beauty trends.

When it comes to bridal beauty, women can be a bit pressured to follow what is hot when it comes to beauty trends. Bridal beauty should be timeless, and is different than non-bridal beauty. Trends for the "civilian" woman a.k.a. non-bridal woman are momentary and change frequently. With bridal beauty, the look must be beautiful, timeless, and classic. Smokey eyes and statement lips are trends when done correctly, can be a beautiful way to express yourself on your special day. Here is my take on what's HOT and what's NOT when it comes to makeup and hair for your beautiful wedding day.

Thank you for stopping through to read the "Beautifully Ever After" Blog series today! We have some more bridal beauty information coming at you all wekk long!! See you soon! - <3 D