Bridal Skincare 101 with Vivian Wynter!


Today's blog post is featuring my good friend, aesthetician, and makeup artist Vivian Wynter!! Vivian, thank you so much for your contribution and your wonderful skin care tips! Check it out below ladies and gents!!


Hello Beautiful,


Now that you’ve gotten engaged and have chosen your bridesmaids, it’s time to talk about prepping your skin for the big day! As an Esthetician and Makeup Artist of 13 years, I KNOW how important skin care is to makeup.  You’ve all heard it but it’s true- great makeup starts with great skin! Now, if you weren’t born with the most perfect skin (and most of us weren’t) have no fear, I’m here to give you the 4 steps that will not only ensure great skin on your big day, but for the rest of your life!



1.) CLEANSE (Everyday)


Dry Skin- stick with a creamy cleanser

Oily Skin- stick with a gel cleanser

Normal (not oily, not dry)- stick to a lotion-based cleanser


2.) EXFOLIATE/SCRUB (3x’s/week)


This is ONE of the most important steps in your regime, it’s the second best anti-aging trick that makes the makeup go on smoother, and creates a clear, even tone in the skin.


3.) SERUM-Treatment (Everyday)


This is where you will target any concerns you may have, be it anti-aging, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), or breakouts.  If you’re having trouble picking one out, or don’t know where to start, call Vivian, and she’ll be happy to recommend one for your specific skin!


4.) HYDRATE (Everyday)


Dry Skin- stick with a cream (usually in a jar)

Oily Skin- stick with a gel

Normal (not oily, not dry)- stick with a lotion



And, there you have it! The four magical steps that will get your skin aisle and life ready!







Get a facial once a season (every four months from a licensed Esthetician).  During the month of your wedding, get a facial one to two weeks before you big day!


Wear a sunscreen every day to prevent pre-mature aging and further hyperpigmentation (dark spots on the skin). THIS IS THE #1 ANTI-AGING TRICK


Use Makeup Removing wipes to remove your makeup at night before going to bed.


Uses a Clarisonic (or any oscillating electronic brush) for a deeper cleanse.



Vivian Wynter is a licensed Beauty Professional who owns a mobile spa where she brings spa services such as facials, and makeup and natural nail care to you in the comfort of your own home.  Contact her to schedule your spa services today!


Vivian Wynter