5 Steps: The Perfect Bridal Beauty Plan

Okay ladies, you have your ring, dress, bridesmaids, venue, wedding planner, photographer, caterer, florals, and DJ all in place, don't let your beauty needs come last!!

I can't tell you how many wedding day horror stories I've heard from women where they hated their makeup and hair, but had to smile their way through the day. Or, they've waited too late to book with their makeup artist and had to go with a friend whom only knows how to her own makeup, which resulted in a total fail!

Here are some foolproof ways to insure you're looking your absolute BEST on your wedding day!

1. Omg you got the proposal of your dreams! By now you have dress ideas in your head, and it's also time to peg down your entire look from head to toe. Get a girly notebook and write down your beauty notes!. This is also the time to decide how you want your personality to shine on your wedding day. 


Not my work

Not my work

2. Surf the net by looking at some of your favorite entertainers and their makeup. Queen Latifah, Paula Patton, Toni Braxton, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, and Lupita Nyongo are some of my favorite celebrity beauties! 


3. Use social media to your advantage! Search Pinterest using searches entitled "wedding day makeup", "wedding day hair" , "bridal beauty looks" , "soft makeup looks", and "pretty makeup looks". Trust me, this will help out a LOT!


4. Some of the best makeup artists showcase their work and can be contacted right from your cell phone. From, you guessed it, INSTAGRAM!  Use the  Instagram search box to find a makeup artist in your area. Simply type in your area followed by MUA. For instance, if you live in Houston, you'd type in "houstonMUA" or "houstonmakeupartist". Then scroll through the images you see, and if you like a MUA's work email her, and get to booking!


Another way to use social media is by asking your Facebook friends for referrals. It's always great to get solid referrals from a makeup artists' current or former clients.


5. You should be booking your makeup artist 6-8 months in advance. In doing so, you are most likely to guaranteed to book your favorite makeup artist and hair stylist. This is a CRUCIAL step that's required to create your dreamy bridal look. Please don't wait until the last minute which could result in settling for less than the best in the industry. 


Thank you for taking the time out to read today's blog. I hope you got some great information, if you did leave a comment below!  Until next time... 💜Den



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