The Marriage: Makeup & Photography

DFinney Photography

DFinney Photography

Hey Ladies! This blog is to talk about the importance of hiring the perfect wedding photographer! Yes, we know Uncle Bob has an expensive camera and can take pictures, but it's best to allow a professional photographer to capture your day.



The marriage...


If you've been reading the previous blogs, you now have an idea of how you want to look on your wedding day. The marriage between a professional makeup artist and a professional photographer is important because they make each other shine!


Please don't make the mistake in hiring a top notch makeup artist, and then have your younger cousin take photographs! It won't work out! You want your beautiful union captured beautifully and professionally, and most of all you want your beautiful makeup to be captured as well!


Point blank, a great photographer make a makeup artists work look stellar, and vice versa! It's the perfect marriage!!


Here are some of my favorite photographers that I've worked with!



DFinney Photography- Specializes in Engagement, Portrait, and Family Sessions


Jackie Armstrong Photography - Specializes in Studio and Wedding Photography


Natarsha Wright Photography- Specializes in Wedding Photography


Carl Elixir Photography - Specializes in Wedding Photography


Rhea Whitney Photography - Specializes in Wedding Photography


Thank you for reading the blog today! Stay tuned for tomorrow's finale of the Beautifully Ever After series! Until next time. -💜Den